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Advanced Muscle Reconditioning

Advanced Muscle Reconditioning, or AMR, is a specialized technique used to release underlying spasms that can be associated with chronic pain. The primary goal of AMR is to recondition and align fibers all over the body. This technique is focused and intense as it is beneficial for people who have tried everything available to them, from other types of body work to surgical procedures with no success of pain relief. When all else has failed, this may be your next best option.
AMR is a wonderful option for people looking for relief for
 Pain of the shoulder, back,
 neck and hips
and overall body pain.

The benefits of this technique are limitless as it can also be a preventative and provide possible secondary benefits of
Reduced aging appearance
 Smoothing or breaking down scar tissue
and increase range of motion.

For the tough cases where cortisone, chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, stretching, strengthening, and deep muscle therapy have fallen short- try
Advanced Muscle Reconditioning.

For more information, check out this website for more examples and stories of how this wonderful technique has helped people who suffered with chronic pain, too.


Individual Sessions
30 minute AMR..............$45
60 minute AMR..............$90
90 minute AMR.............$135
120 minute AMR...........$180
Bundle Options
5- 60 minute bundle.....$400
5- 90 minute bundle.....$600
5- 120 minute bundle....$800

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