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                   for healthy living

Regular Massage

Healthy Daily Living

Body & Mind Balance

Regular Stretching

Why you should receive regular massages?

>Increased relaxation

> Provides relief for acute and chronic pain

> Can decrease frequency and intensity of headaches and migraines

> Encourages increased blood circulation

> Can decrease blood pressure

> Releases muscle tension and soreness

> Reduces stress and anxiety

> Improves Sleep

> Increases range of motion

​Need a last minute gift? Need a gift for someone who lives far away or

 just around the corner?

Please contact us for more information and inquiry.


526 E. Lewis St

Pocatello, ID




Cancellation Policy

When you cancel your scheduled appointment with less than 24hr notice you will be charged for the full price of your scheduled service. If you are cancelling due to illness then there will be no charge.  If your appointment is able to be filled with another client You will only be charged you the remaining balance of your scheduled appointment. 

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