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Terms & Policies

By reserving an appointment with RejuviCare Therapeutic Wellness, LLC you agree to the following policies. 


Cancellation & No Show Policy

*All clients are required to reserve appointments with a card on file.*

This card will only be charged with permission or for cancellation/no show fees. When you cancel your scheduled appointment with less than 24hr notice you will be charged $50 of your scheduled service. This charge will be held as a credit that will be available for 30 days from the date of missed service. Clients will be able to apply their credit to a RESCHEDULED appointment within 30 days. If they do not reschedule appointment within 30 days, they forfeit the charged credit. An appointment that is on a reoccurring schedule, does not qualify as a rescheduled appointment. 

Clients who are using membership or bundle credits to pay for their services, will have the option to forfeit their credit or be charged the $50 fee for the appointment.

In cases that the massage therapist has to reschedule there will be a option to add 15 minutes to you rescheduled service or receive a 10% discount. It is the massage therapist's discretion of when to charge fees as in cases of illness or cancellations. If the massage therapist is ill, they will communicate with you to give you the option to reschedule to reduce potential exposure or if they are feeling well enough to continue working, they will give you the option to keep your appointment at you own discretion.

Monthly Massage Membership Policies

Monthly Massage Memberships are prepaid monthly massages at a discounted rate. These can be scheduled as reoccurring monthly appointments or booked as you go. If you choose not to do reoccurring appointments, a guaranteed time slot each month can be difficult to get but the therapist will try to work to find the most accommodating appointment they can. 

Each membership promises one(1) massage a month at the rate the membership was agreed upon. Any additional massages are priced at a reduced rate specified at time of sign up.  

Your prepaid massages are saved as a credit each month until you receive the designated service and signature is required for redemption of the credit. If you are not able to come in during the month, your credits will accrue for up to 3 months. If you are not able to use the credit within 3 months it will expire. 

You can cancel your membership at any time but this will mean you forfeit your current discounts included in your membership. If you choose to sign up for a membership at a later time, you will be signed up at the most current rate. 

If rates increase during your membership, you are guaranteed to maintain your current discount. For example, if you are receiving a discount of $5 off 60 minute services and standard service rates increase by $10, you will continue to receive $5 off the new 60 minute rate.

If you would like to add additional services or increase your massage time, your discount will apply but you will be charged for the remaining amount beyond your membership benefits.

Cancellation & No Show policies apply.

Bundles & BOGO Package Policies

Any Bundle or BOGO packages purchased expire six(6) months from the date of purchase. 

Bundle/BOGO packages can be shared within an immediate family. To allow for these credits to be used by someone in your family, permission must be given at the time of purchase or via written notice/text by the person who purchased the package. Your prepaid massages are saved as a credit until you receive the designated service and signature is required for redemption of the credit.

If you would like to add time or additional services when redeeming a bundle/BOGO credit, you will be charged for the difference of the services minus the discount. 

Cancellation & No Show policies apply.

Gift Card & E-Gift Card Policies

*Gift cards/E-gift cards do not expire.*

 Gift card/E-gift card email must be present to redeem for services and are not redeemable for cash.

Gift cards/E-gift cards are not refundable. 

Appointments can only be reserved with credit card or gift card number on file. Card will not be charged unless there is a cancellation within less than 24hrs or for a no show. Gift card will be void if there is no card on file and a no show for the appointment occurs. 

Gift cards can not be used on discounted services.

If you choose to give your gift to someone else, they are required to have gift card number for redemption.

Cancellation & No Show policies apply.


Vouchers have an expiration date and must be present to redeem. 

Cannot be combine with any other discounts and cannot be applied to gift card purchases. Vouchers cannot be traded for cash value. Can only be applied to services over $75.

Referral Credits

When you share your experience and encourage friends to come see us, we want to make sure you know you are appreciated. Referral rewards are redeemable at a standard of 20% off your next visit if no other referral rewards are determined otherwise. When the person you referred informs the therapist of your referral, the therapist will note it on your account and will contact you to thank you for your referral. Cards to put your name on and hand out, are available to help make the referral process easy. 

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