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Therapeutic Services

When you are in need of a little more, these techniques may be the answer.

Custom Therapeutic Massage

Receive a luxurious customizable massage suited just for you and your body. All types of modalities are available including deep tissue, clinical, and trigger point therapy. Treat yourself to YOU time!

Cupping Massage

Cupping has been found to decompress stagnant tissues that have scar tissue or extensive trigger points. Increased blood circulation to painful areas can help heal these areas. This can help increase range of motion and can have longer lasting effects compared to the  typical deep tissue massage. 

Advanced Muscle Reconditioning

AMR, is a specialized technique used to release underlying spasms that can be associated with chronic pain. The primary goal of AMR is to recondition and align fibers all over the body. This technique is focused and intense as it is beneficial for people who have tried everything available to them, from other types of body work to surgical procedures with no success of pain relief. When all else has failed, this may be your next best option.

Prenatal Massage

Receive a luxurious, customizable massage suited just for you and your body. Pregnancy can cause a lot of discomforts with the new hormones the body is releasing. Let yourself be pampered and taken care of while getting relief from the aches and pains you may be experiencing.

Heated Bamboo Massage

Bask in the warmth of heated bamboo massage while reducing pain and tension in your muscles. The bamboo allows for the warmth to loosen the muscles to prepare the body for a deep tissue full body massage.

Paraffin Dip Hand Treatment

Enjoy a dip in deep penetrating heat that can soothe stiff and achy hands. Then enjoy a relaxing hand massage leaving your hands feeling moisturized and rejuvenated. The use of paraffin wax is great for hands. This can help with aches and pains that we frequently feel after a long day of working with our hands. It can help with aching associated with arthritis pains. 


Cancellation Policy

When you cancel your scheduled appointment with less than 24hr notice you will be charged for the full price of your scheduled service. If you are cancelling due to illness then there will be no charge.  If your appointment is able to be filled with another client You will only be charged you the remaining balance of your scheduled appointment. 

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